Our First Apartment in Alamo Heights That Feels Like Home

Our First Apartment in Alamo Heights That Feels Like Home

We wanted a place with a balcony to sit on and enjoy our morning coffee. We wanted it to overlook a courtyard where we would share an open space with our neighbors. We wanted plenty of palm trees and nice landscaping. We got all that when we were looking for apartments in Alamo Heights area. Our place has granite countertops, and the kitchen is new and very clean with its nice new refrigerator and dishwasher. The whole place looks brand new.

One thing we have been enjoying quite a bit is the area where the fire pit is at. We gather around and sit in the chairs while a nice cozy fire is burning in the evening. We have really gotten to know our neighbors a whole lot just sitting around what amounts to a campfire. I think every apartment complex should have one of these. It really brings people together for conversation. It reminds me of stories my parents tell me of growing up in a small town where everyone was really close. Both my wife and I grew up in the city.

We enjoy our apartment. With everything new and having plenty of closet and storage space, we have no clutter. We have a place for all of our stuff. We used to have plastic bins stacked in the corner of our bedroom at our old place. We had stuff crammed into every door, nook and cranny. Now we have more space. I am hoping we will not acquire more stuff! We have enough even though we have a lot more room for more stuff in our new apartment.

It was really fun decorating our new place too. My wife and I both like copper colors and metal art. This is the first place we have had together that really feels like it is home.

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